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  The VOEvent Network provides near real-time transmission of alerts relating to transient astronomical events. Alert messages follow a strict definition and contain rich information describing the event and its location in the sky.The network's low latency makes it suitable for delivering triggers for automated follow-up observing.  


The Dakota VOEvent Tools provide a complete VOEvent backbone connectivity and distribution package for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows systems. Tools consist of a broker/receiver, a command line publisher, and a command line message validator. With the Dakota VOEvent Tools, you can connect to the VOEvent network backbone and receive transient event alerts in real time. You can also publish event triggers to the backbone for others to receive. Finally, you can provide a broker service to the backbone, helping distribute messages from others around the world. All without writing any software.

The Dakota VOEvent Tools are developed and supported by Bob Denny of DC-3 Dreams, SP. They are provided free of charge. Binary packages are available for most operating systems. Open sources have been published via the Dakota SourceForge project which will be opened to selected individuals for further development. The network protocol used by Dakota is the VOEvent Transport Protocol V1.1, developed by Alasdair Allan and Robert White and in current use on the VOEvent network by NASA GSFC, Caltech and DC-3 Dreams. Feel free to contact the author with questions.

A publicly accessible Dakota broker is currently running at voevent.dc3.com with the standard port assignments. It is currently feeding events from multiple NASA GSFC sources, IAU/CBAT suspected supernovae, and others. To connect as a subscriber and or publisher, contact Bob Denny at rdenny@dc3.com to be added to the appropriate white list(s). Incoming VOEvent messages are rejected unless they meet the 'lenient' criteria. You can test your message formats with the Online Voevent Message Checker.

The broker's cache of VOEvent messages received and relayed within the last 90 days is available at http://voevent.dc3.com/bdat/.

Last updated: 11-Sep-2017

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